INCA: Natural Casings

MISSION - We aim to satisfy our clients' demands in natural and high quality natural casings.
We achieve this via a combination of traditional technology, modern equipment
and high standards of production, professionalism of our employees
and tailor made approach to every client

I.N.C.A. NORD FISH Sh.p.k is the only producer
of natural casings & animal by-products in Albania

I.N.C.A. NORDFISH Sh.p.k was founded in 2004 in the beautiful city of Lezhe, located on North-West of Albania. For more than 10 years the company has managed to work its way up and now we are the only company on Balkan region operating in the field of high-quality natural casings and animal by product production. Today our products are used by the biggest Albanian meat companies, and are exported to Balkan countries and EU.

I.N.C.A. NORDFISH Sh.p.k has been taking up intense development and modernization initiatives since 2007. A significant amount of our profit is regularly reinvested in the purchasing of modern and technological equipment. As a result, the company increases volume of products yearly.

I.N.C.A. NORDFISH Sh.p.k believes in having direct impact on people by providing them healthy food. We also care about the environment through suitably processing animal intestine, thus contributing in a cleaner environment, not only for the surrounding area but for the entire Albania community.

Goals of our activity

Quality of the products

Quality system ISO 9001:2008

Principles Of HACCP

Our History